Students learn economic theories and their application to real-world issues. Programmes explore such topics as business development, financial projection, market research and international issue.

Applied economics – an alternative to theoretical business study in Poland

APPLIED ECONOMICS is characterized by the application of the economic theory, to address practical issues in a range of fields including business economics, finance, development economics, labour economics, public economics and international business issues.

Graduates of an applied economics programme are prepared for careers in areas of business planning, economic development, financial services, business management, communication and market research.

Study in applied economics can prepare students for a range of roles in the economics analysis. It concerns the application of new teaching methodes and statistical tools to economic issues.

Bachelor’s degree in applied economics

Our programmes that focus on applied economics, offer courses related to the modern business industry. Entrepreneuership, international business, hotel economics, internet marketing, human resources are some of the courses that economics student can expect to complete.

Economics programmes inlcude the following practical specialisations:

  • e-business and entrepreneuership
  • international business
  • hotel management
  • human resource management
  • marketing management (e-marketing)

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