Cost information


The training aims to meet the requirements of financial professionals and other operating managers who would like to see the implications of finance on various corporate activities.

The participants are able to analyse the various cost concepts in the process of managerial decision making.


Programme of the training

  1. Cost concepts
  2. Marginal cost formula
  3. Marginal revenue formula
  4. Importance of costing in managerial decision making
  5. Cost management cycle
  6. Relevant costs for decision making
  7. Identifying relevant costs
  8. Classifying the relevant costs
  9. Opportunity cost
  10. Cost management strategies
  11. Make or buy decision
  12. Shut down or continue
  13. Sell or process further
  14. Domestic versus export sales
  15. Case analysis

2. Organisational aspects

  • Training methods: presentation and workshop
  • Duration: 1- or 2-day training in a week or on a weekend
  • Language of instruction: English or Polish
  • The offer includes: training, lunch, training materials
  • Cost of the training depends on the number of participants
  • The participants receive the certificates

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