Bachelor Double Diploma Programme is an initiative allowing students to obtain two diplomas in Economics: from WIBS /practical profile of study/ and from foreign partner university.

Bachelor Double Degree Programme

Double Diploma Programme (DPP) is an educational initiative allowing students to obtain two diplomas of two different universities during one cycle of study.

Programme of study available for the Double Degree Programme at the Warsaw International Business School (WIBS) for the academic year 2018/2019 is offered at the bachelor level in ECONOMICS, practical profile of study, including the following specialisations:

Programmes taught in Polish

Major:  ECONOMICS (Kierunek: EKONOMIA)/Practical profile

♦ Specialisation: E-business and entrepreneuership    /specjalność: E-biznes i przedsiębiorczość/

♦ Specialisation: Marketing, advertisement, selling     /specjalność: Marketing, reklama, sprzedaż/

♦ Specialisation: HR and payroll                                     /specjalność: Kadry, płace, polityka personalna/

♦ Specialisation: Foreign trade and markets                /specjalność: Handel i rynki zagraniczne/

♦ Specialisation: Investment and financial markets    /specjalność: Inwestycje i rynki finansowe/


Programmes taught in English

Major:  ECONOMICS /Practical profile

♦ Specialisation: E-business and entrepreneuership

♦ Specialisation: International business

♦ Specialisation: Human resource management

♦ Specialisation: Hotel management

♦ Specialisation: Marketing management

3. Universities willing to participare in the programme enter into a written agreement which specifies the scope, fields and rules of study offered by each of thouse universities.

4. The language of study at the Warsaw International Business School will be Polish or English.

5. Study fees: payment conditions are discussed for each agreement separately.

6. Student’s duration of stay at the WIBS: an exchange student has to spend at least 2 semesters at the WIBS in order to be qualified to receive WIBS diploma.

7. Requirements for the diploma from partner institution: at least one semester studies at the partner institution, positive evaluation of all the courses required by the study programme, including courses transferred from student’s origin institution, completion of the internship required by the programme of study, preparing and successful defense of the bachelor thesis (diploma project).

8. Student will graduate with two bachelor’s degree, from WIBS and from the partner university.

We kindly invite universities, higher business schools and students interested in practical studies to cooperation !

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