International Student Visa

International Student Visa

Warsaw International Business School is a renowned college in the heart of Poland. It offers many wonderful opportunities for education and is the perfect institution for a dedicated student. With superb facilities, diligent tutors and a supportive environment it’s a fantastic place to learn.

Our school is a great option for foreign students applying from abroad. Warsaw International Business School guides international applicants through the process step by step. We cut out the middle-man, working with our applicants directly. There is no need for an agency.

Warsaw International Business School is professional at all times. Each candidate has our full support and there is always someone on hand if you have any issues. We have a history of experience with foreign students. Truly, we are champions when it comes to caring for international applicants.

Best of all we can happily report a 100% visa success rate.

Even once your visa is secured we are here for you. We are happy to lend a hand with finding accommodation and settling into your life in Poland. After all, what else would you expect from one of the best schools in the country?

Our college boasts a great atmosphere. We believe that our students are our lifeblood. It also makes the world of difference to have such brilliant staff. Our learners are guaranteed to meet great people and gain friendships that will last a lifetime. There are kindred spirits everywhere, even among the lecturers.

Relations between pupils and tutors are strong and respectful. Our past students recall them with fondness. There is hard work on both sides and most importantly, a strong team spirit. We believe it is the perfect mix of professionalism and positive attitude which yields such great results. It is the astounding feeling of working towards a goal, as part of a group, which brings the entire college together.

Our courses are the best on offer with a high standard of teaching. Former and current students alike will gladly talk of their time in Warsaw Business School. They mention the superb qualifications that are available and praise the quality of their classes. None of our students leave without learning valuable knowledge or gaining new skills. They finish their time with us fully prepared and equipped for the world of work.

There is no better place to learn than with us. So why wait? The application form is available to download on our website right now and all details of the process can be found there too. Warsaw International Business School is with its students throughout the application process. Whether it’s reading your application, assisting with acquiring a visa or paying tuition fees our institution’s amazing staff are there.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by email at  Warsaw International Business School is glad to help.

We’re looking forward to making your education our business.