Constitution for Science - Law 2.0

Constitution for Science

will enter into force on 1st October 2018.

The heart of the reform is the organizational autonomy of universities, assigning the powers to offer studies and award degrees to the university as a whole, a new classification of fields and disciplines, consolidation of the scientific potential and new evaluation of scientific research.

Law 2.0 will bring development not only to large, but also to regional univiersities by ensuring the diversity of the Polish academic community.

  • The Law increases the autonomy of universities by increasing their internal organizational freedom. The academic community will decide how university works, not the law.
  • The bill makes many of the university’s options, including offering studies with the practical profile (vocational study) and general academic profile.
  • According to the provisions of the new law there will be more opportunities to create interdisciplinary studies combining the potentials of various faculties.
  • Rector will gain more power to shape the university’s policy, at the expence of collegial bodies, for example faculty boards.
  • The Law introduces the obligation to set all fees before the start of studies and prohibit increasing them.

More details:  Law 2.0

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