We focus our activities on providing educational and integration services for foreigners coming to Poland.


The European Vocational Education Institute  is an educational programme in the area of vocational learning, conducted by the Zabielski Foundation.

The new development trends in our society cause challenges to the existing education systems. In addition to required knowledge, the development of new skills plays an important role.

The most preferred skills include creativity,  innovation, personal communication and the use of latest technologies. The new learning techniques are attractive especially for the youngest generations, so they should play a crucial role in programmes.


Our mission is:

♦ to promote  a modern business education based on the latest technologies and culture of entrepreneuership,

♦ to develop creativity used in business practice, taking up challenges at a local, national and global level,

♦ to promote vocational education programmes in the country and abroad,

♦ to support foreigners through education and integrating activities.

We are  open for new ideas and solutions and invite for the long-term cooperation.



European Vocational Education Institute

13/15, Podwale Street, 00-252 Warsaw

tel. (+48) 518 078 003