Polish language course

Polish Language Courses for Foreigners

We offer an intensive Polish language Course programme for foreigners. The programme is planned accordingly to the needs of future university students, to help them plan their pathway to their education and improve their Polish language in preparation for Warsaw International Business School requirements.

Our courses are designed for students planning to study at Polish-speaking university. After completing the Polish language programme students are ready to find themselves in the Polish educational environment.

The competence of our instructors and motivating teaching methods ensure a high success rate. After completing the courses, students take a final proficiency test of Polish language (Level B1, B2). The certificate you will receive after passing. The Polish language programme for foreigners will allow you to study anywhere, in Warsaw International Business School or another Polish university.

Our students gain knowledge, not only about the language but also about the Polish culture. It is done through the experience of our highly qualified instructors.

We offer the following  courses of Polish language for foreigners:



1.  Option – 1 semester – from 6th  November 2017 to 15th February 2018  (250 hours)

2. Option – 2 semesters (1 year) – from 6th November 2017 to 30  September 2018 (500 hours)



1. Option – 1 semester – from 26th February 2018 to 30th  September  2018 (250 hours)

2. Option – 2 semesters – from 26th February 2018 to  15 th February 2019  (500 hours)


In order to register for the Polish Language Courses you have to:

  1. Please fill out Application Form and send to our email adress: admission@wmsb.edu.pl  (download)
  2. Pay registration and course fee.
  3. Get a decision and an invitation from the WIBS for the  period of the course.


Admission fee: 250 EUR

Polish language course fee for one semester:  795 EUR

Polish language course fee for two semesters (1 year): 1590 EUR

The Admission fee and course fee payable during recruitment process.

The fees must be paid to bank account:

Payment in EUR:

Account No. PL38 1600 1462 1839 4970 5000 0003


Payment in PLN:

Account No.  PL92 1600 1462 1839 4970 5000 0001

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