If you would like to put your theoretical knowledge to the test in the real world, you should choose the BACHELOR DUAL  STUDY PROGRAMME. It is the best opportunity to combine education with practical experience.

Bachelor Dual Study Programme

combines academic studies with experience in a company and vocational training. On dual study programmes, practical experience is an element of the bachelor degree programme. This model of studying combines both training in theory and practical skills.

Advantages of a dual study are obvious. You can gain two qualifications: an academic degree and vocational qualification, in a relatively short time, along with valuable experience and many professional skills.

In most cases, companies pay students on dual study programmes for their work. The contacts you establish during your study will help you  improve your chances on the labour market later on. Many of the companies that offer dual study programmes retain their former students as employees once they graduate.

For international students, a dual study programme provides an opportunity to enter the Polish labour market, both for the Polish and English speaking foreigners. If you want to complete a dual study programme, you should be highly motivated. Working at a company while completing a degree programme requires a lot of stamina. The phases working at the company have to be carefully planned and coordinated with the higher education institution’s curricula.

Courses offered in dual system at the Warsaw International Business School cover the areas of entrepreneuership, e-business, marketing, hotel management, human resource management and international business.

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