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 Dual studies (studying and working) at Warsaw International Business School

Dual study is combined form of higher education. In dual study, a student splits time between a company and the university. Both the subject of study and the work position must be closely related.

Students of a dual course are in contact with the practice from the beginning. Thanks to direct contact with employers they gain the valuable experience during the course of studies. All specializations of bachelor full-time studies at the Warsaw International Business School, from the 2nd year offer the option of dual study.

Working during studies in Poland

For increasing number of people, Poland is becoming an attractive, affordable option for studying abroad and working. Currently, about 65.000 foreigners attend Polish education institutions. The students are coming from Europe, Asia and Africa.

The educational offer of universities is important, but many international students also want to gain experience in Polish companies. The regulations allow foreigners to work in Poland the whole period of studies. This applies to all students of full – time undergraduate, graduate studies as well as doctoral studies, who stay in Poland on the basis of student’s visa or on the basis of permits for temporary residence. The foreign students attending full – time courses may work whole academic year without obtaining a work permit.

Students who wish to get during studies a job can get help from our Careers Bureau, who can assist with question about working, and who advertise all kinds of students jobs. Besides, there are many places where you can find current job vacancies. Some of popular job portal include:

job-poland.com, www.pracuj.pl, www.infopraca.pl,www.praca.pl

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