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Warsaw International Business School is a higher education institution in Poland witha practical profile of study, offering innovative business programs, based on cooperation with enterprises and implementation of attractive specializations. The program offers students a chance to discover the challenges and opportunities associated with doing business in the global economy.
The University offers bachelor’s degree study, dual study, postgraduate study, language and specialistic courses. We address our offer to candidates with specific preferences. Due to rapidly changing situation on the labor market, our students would like to get, business skills corresponding to professions of the future.

Dostarczamy umiejętności do pracy w zawodach przyszłości

The purpose of Warsaw International Business School is to develop the culture of entrepreneuership, to create business leaders in local and global dimensions, to educate economists based on the new technologies. Take degree studies majoring in economics, allows to gain the skills required to work as a manager in companies.

The University offers the following specializations for bachelor studies: international business, human resources management, e-business, entrepreneuership managerial economics, finance, marketing.


Labolatorium Biznesu

Systems of study. The program of study in the Warsaw International Business School offers full-time and part-time studies, organised as 2-years (system of trimesters) or 3-years studies. The study plan includes economic issues recognized in the form of thematic appropriate to the profile of practical studies, conducted over 6 semesters.
Modules of classes for gaining economic knowledge in the field of core subjects leading academics. Practical modeles in the form of workshops, classes, seminars leading practitioners – professionals representing companies and institutions from home and abroad.


Profil praktyczny

Bachelor dual study is combined form of higher education. In dual study, a student splits time between a company and the university, usually 3 days studying and 2 days at the company. Both the subject of study and the work position must be closely related.
Students of a dual course are in contact with the practice from the beginning. Thanks to direct contact with employers they gain the valuable experience during the course of studies. All specializations of bachelor full-time studies in the Warsaw International Business School offer the option of dual study.


Innovative education program. In place of widely used in universities the traditional system of the course, at the Warsaw International Business School, we offer a modular training formula. It allows students to achieve greater efficiency in the aquisition of skills. Proposed a modular system of education lies in the fact, that each day are classes in various disciplines prepared in the form of selected segments of content modules.
Practical skills and competences gained during study, include knowledge of economics, entrepreneuership, finance, e-commerce, marketing, management, economic law, human resources, foreign markets.

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