Poland is in the year 2018 tenth most attractive country in Europe for international students and also the most affordable.

Study in Poland 2018

Poland is tenth most attractive country in Europe for international students and the most affordable, according to the Study. EU Country Ranking 2018 (www.study.eu), reported that  Brexit is likely to accelerate Poland’s success in drawing international students as they seek alternatives to studying in Britain.

The affordability of a study in Europe is a main consideration of most students. Looking at the TOP 10 most affordable countries, the annual cost (living, including rent and average tuition fees) ranges from around 7,000 EUR in Poland to around 10,000 EUR in Latvia.

Cost of study in Poland

Cost of living, including rent and the average tuition fees in the European countries

Score for cost (out of 100 – the higher, the more affordable)

  1. Poland – 98,1
  2. Serbia – 96,3
  3. Hungary – 95,7
  4. Romania – 94,1
  5. Turkey – 92,0
  6. Greece – 91,7
  7. Portugal – 90,4
  8. Germany – 88,5
  9. Lithuania – 88,1
  10. Latvia – 87,2

The number of foreign students in Poland has exploded from 12,000 to over 65,000 in the past ten years. Polish universities have consistently increased the availability of English – taught study options.

For the past few years the dominant group in Polish universities has been students from UKRAINE (35,584) and BELARUS (5,119). Farther, there was a huge increase in students from INDIA, who currently rank third in terms of number of students studying in Poland (2138). A large group of students are students from Scandinavia (Norvegians and Swedes). More and more students from SPAIN (1607), TURKEY (1471), CZECH REPUBLIC (1061) and RUSSIA (1055) come to Poland.

The number of students from Asia increased, for example from INDIA (2138), SAUDI ARABIA (871), TAJWAN (758). Poland has only 953 visitors from CHINA, but there is a growing trend. There is also a growing number of students from MALAYSIA (185), AZERBAIJAN (281), UZBEKISTAN (280), TAJIKISTAN (166) and BANGLADESH (160). Another future market for Polish universities is KAZAKHSTAN. In Poland there are currently 674 students from this country.

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