We established the Integration Accelerator to develop complex programme for our international students attending the business and language courses. The Accelerator is aimed at improving the competences of the foreign visitors coming to Poland and planning a long stay.

We work with our Partners including corporations, businesses and organizations to identify the opportunities that can help in the start in Polish economic and social reality and solve the problems resulting from intercultural differences.

We conduct the following activities allowing to help our students:

  • presentation of Polish culture and habits of everyday life;
  • informing about the main offices and administrative procedures relating to residence;
  • cooperating with our business Partners to prepare workplaces, available after completion part of the course;
  • intensive learning of Polish language at the basic level needed in work and everyday life;
  • learning the rules of entrepreneurship and establishing a business in Poland.

Warsaw Economic Institute

Nowy Świat Street 33/13

00-029 Warsaw


Tel. (+48) 512 645 536