We develop the projects in the fields of the game – based learning and blended learning

Gaming is a fundamental learning method

for the youngest generations, so it should play a crucial role in programmes. In the digital era, teachers have more possibilities than the past to integrate game-based learning in their lessons. In order to facilitate and enhance the educational experience.

The new development trends in our society pose great challenges to the existing education systems. In addition to required knowledge, the development of new skills plays an important role. The most preferred skills include: innovation, creativity,  personal communication and the use of new technologies.

We develop the projects in the fields of the game – based learning and blended learning

Together with our experts we develop new learning methods. We collaborate with primary and secondary schools, universities and higher vocational schools to explore creative tools to teaching and learning.

Game-based learning is a practice that relates to the use of games to enhance the learning experience. In this case, the game becomes part of the learning process, and it is aimed at teaching specific skills while giving learners an experience.

Game-based learning is characterized by fantasy elements and it uses competitive exercises in order to motivate students to learn better.

Game-based learning draws learners into virtual environments that look and feel familiar and safe. Where it is possible to choose actions, make mistakes and experience the consequences in a risk-free setting.



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