Dear International Students !

To help in integration process of foreign guests coming first time to Polish education institutions, we have prepared the list of behaviour mistakes commited by foreigners.

We present the observations resulting from the contacts with our course participants and information received from other universities. We will develop the list all the time.

  1. UNPUNCTUALITY – unfortunately is a norm for many foreigners coming from the non-EU countries, and it is not about being late 5-10 minutes or only accidentally. Dear our Guest ! The unpunctuality in the European culture is disrespectful for other people. If you think you can come whenever you want, please do not expect on any cooperation. Please respect others and you will be respected.

2. DOCUMENTS – the administration of the universities is often shocked trying to give the foreigners documents concerning the course of education. In most cases the foreign students sign without reading. As a result, they probably do not know that the universities will remove from the list of students after 1. semester due to failed exams. They say they paid and no problem more.

3. LAW AND DISPUTES – in case of any disputes, Polish law is applied and the relevant documents are needed. Often, the foreigners are based only on oral opinions of private persons from their own country („Someone said…”). Polish law is in force in Poland. If you come to Poland you must accept the Polish rules of functionig of the institutions. A lack of knowledge does not excuse you.

4. „GLORIFYING” LAWYERS IN THE TRC PROCEDURE – many foreign students residing in Poland apply for TRC (Temporary Residence Permit) and pay big money to the lawyer expecting a special service in the TRC procedure. You should know that the procedure is very easy and described in English at the website of the Office for Foreigners. The layers not work in this Office and have no impact on the procedure. You will pay several thousands of Polish Zloty only for preparing of one easy application. Other needed documents you have provide by yourself. Please read the TRC procedure before you go throwing money away at a lawyer. You can also get the information from your university.


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