is the unit responsible for the practical business education, including  the specialist courses  conducted according to the approach of practical, vocational business education.

The model combines both training in theory and practical skills. The specialist training  includes modules of  theoretical knowledge according to the programme of the selected specialist course.

During a workshop the participants will use the methods of analytical and creative thinking, and using business simulators take up the leadership of their own virtual company.




Employment Agency is the unit developing  international work recruitment  (employment agency reg. KRAZ no. 20794).

The activities  of the employment agency include: job offers in various industries, services for obtaining of work permit, legalisation of stay to work, job placement, career counselling, Polish language courses to work, assistance in adapting to life in Poland.


The Language Center offers  language courses for foreigners, including Polish language courses, Preparatory English language courses, German language course and also specialist language courses needed to work and study in Poland.


The activities of the Innovation Education Center are aimed at the fostering innovative approaches to teaching and programme design, promoting new pedagogical practices,  developing digital and online tools facilitating learning.

The new development trends in our society cause challenges to the existing education systems. In addition to required knowledge, the development of new skills plays an important role. The most preferred skills include creativity,  innovation, personal communication and the use of latest technologies.

The new learning techniques are attractive especially for the youngest generations, so they should play a crucial role in teaching programmes. In the digital era using of the game-based learning becomes required part of the learning process.



European Vocational Education Institute

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