We are pleased to offer in 2023 the long-term and short-term Polish language courses at the level needed for job and required for beginning of the study in Poland.


1. Next start dates of 1-M Polish language course

3 November 2022 – 30 November 2022

1 December 2022 – 31 December 2022

9 January 2023 – 31 January 2023

1 March 2023 – 31 March 2023

2. Programme of the course – basic level

1) introducing myself – official and unofficial contact, numbers, verbs

2) question – what ? nominal case, coniugation, adjectives, singular, writing

3) nationalities, professions, question – who are you ? instrumental case, plural

4) my family, question – how old are you ? email address, accusative case, numbers

5) hobby, question – what do you like to do ? I am interesting in, I like, coniugation

6) eating, drinking, food, beverages, in restaurant, fruits and vegetables, how much it costs ?

7) activities, days, the numbers, verbs – know, can, go, meet, transportation

8) what time, trip, planning a day, I do not like – genitive case – singular

9) shopping, clothes, colors, to wear, genitive case – plural, adverbs

10) it was, what did you do ? past tense, months, activities in the past

11) future tense, what will you do tomorrow, activities in the future, writing

12) where are you ? directions, trips, tourist attractions, locative case

3. Learning system:

  • the number of the course hours: 50 (1 course hour = 45 minutes)
  • learning system: 2-3 x a week
  • group size: up to 5 participants
  • place of the course: centre of Warsaw/Nowy Świat Street 49
  • level: basic
  • confirmation of completion: certificate

2. Fees:

  • course fee: 350 EUR or equivalent in PLN  paid in advance before start of the course;
  • the course fee not refunded also if short term visa will be refused;
  • the possibility to participate in the next postponed date of the course.

ADMISSION PROCEDURE – 1-month course

  1. Sending signed APPLICATION FORM  (for short-term courses) with scan of the passport to: office@wmsb.edu.pl
  2. Please see the ADMISSION RULES.
  3. Receipt by e-mail of the offer letter. The offer letter is free of charge.
  4. Payment of the course fee. The course fee for 1-month courses is not refundable also if the visa will be refused.
  5. The possibility to participate in the next postponed date of the course.
  6. After receiving of the course fee, issue of the final documents confirming admission (acceptance letter and proof of payment).
  7. The course includes cost of lector, learning materials, preparation of the internal certificate.
  8. Signing the contract with timetable.
  9. Start of the course.

Warsaw Economic Institute

Nowy Świat Street 49/306

00-042 Warsaw

Email: office@wmsb.edu.pl

Tel. (+48) 512 645 536