We create new solutions for the problems and challenges of the socio-economic development.


Social innovations are new ideas that aim to meet social needs in a better way than existing soultions, resulting for example from education, health, working, community development and social services.

These innovations can be products, services or models adressing unmet needs more effectively, create social relationships and form new collaborations.

Social innovation not only introduces new approaches to problems, but is successful in changing the institutions that created the problems.

Social innovations are launched by a variety of actors, including companies, research institutions and independent organizations.

Our aim is to create new solutions for social problems and challenges. We work on the projects aimed at generating, testing and implementing innovative models, methods and tools helpful in dealing with various social challenges, especially in the area of education, mental health, local development and entrepreneuership.



European Vocational Education Institute

13/15, Podwale Street, 00-252 Warsaw

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