The Warsaw Economic Institute conducts the research on economic issues relating to education, including the demand for education, the financing and provision of education, and the comparative efficiency of various educational programs and policies.

Of particular importance are the last innovative trends transforming higher education: integrating systems thinking, man vs machine, creating sustainable communities, blending education, assessing competence.

We start to analyse the issue of outsourcing in education as the non core activities in universities and the schools giving more time to concentrate on the core educational processes which are teaching and research. It gives access to professional, expert and high quality services.

The institute’s research priorities in the area of EDUCATION POLICY in 2022 are:

  • Economics of education
  • Emerging trends in higher education
  • Technology in education
  • Outsourcing of education
  • Internationalization of education
  • Innovation research in education
  • Evaluation of higher education in Poland
  • Global education
  • Education vs labour market
  • Jobs of the future
  • Future model of education in Poland

Warsaw Economic Institute

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