One of the main activities of the Warsaw Economic Institute is to conduct the research on the poverty, income inequalities and marginalization.

Of particular importance is inclusive economy which means creating more sustainable and inclusive societies that aim at including all members of society in the growth process. Inclusiveness stresses the participation of people in economic and social institutions.

We research the problem of income inequalities growing worldwide. We analyse the extent of global income, the scale of economic inequality across the countries identifying the casues, consequences and solutions, necessary to tackle income inequality.

The institute’s research priorities in the area of INEQUALITIES AND INCLUSION in 2022 are:

  • Economic growth and income inequality
  • Poverty and marginalization
  • Global, regional and natural poverty trends
  • The sources of income inequality
  • Impact of the pandemic on income inequality
  • Global income inequalities
  • Measuring income inequality
  • Inclusive economy
  • Ageing of the population
  • Social problems
  • Social policy

Warsaw Economic Institute

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