The aim of the Center for Migration Policy is to moblize movement for preparing new ideas for solving the problem of migration, and border crises.


The aim of the Warsaw Economic Institute is to conduct research that leads to new ideas for solving the problem of migration, border crises and to moblize movement to work together in this field.

Our research relates to migration management, in particular to the process of integration of immigrants in the destination country, need of new regulation in the area of labour market, residence and immigration policy.

Of particular importance is the immigration policy in Poland and the need to design the solutions for creating education and job possibilities, stability and longterm residence.

The institute’s research priorities in the area of MIGRATIONS in 2022 are:

  • Migration causes – population and natural environment
  • Migration in times of war and conflicts
  • Legal and illegal immigration
  • Chain migration
  • Border crises
  • Problem of refugees
  • Migration policy in the EU
  • Cost of immigration
  • Immigrants in the labour markets
  • Integration of immigrants
  • Migrants – case studies of selected countries

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