GlobalConnect is an equity market organised by the Warsaw Stock Exchange, where stocks are listed by Introducing Market Makers without the issuer’s consent.

As a result, foreign stocks listed on globally securities exchanges can be traded in Warsaw.

From 4 November, 2022 the GlobalConnect offers:

  • a wider range of products listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and offered mainly to individual investors;
  • portfolio diveresification with global blue chips;
  • trading international stocks during Warsaw’s trading hours;
  • stock prices quoted in PLN;
  • trading through traditional investment accounts with any broker offering GlobalConnect;
  • market data access on identical terms as other WSE equities markets;
  • liquidity supported by Introducing Market Makers;
  • benefits from owning securities (including dividends).

The first listed at the new market foreign companies are: Allianz, BMW, MERCEDES BENZ, SIEMENS and VOLKSWAGEN. The planned number of new stocks listed in 2023 on GLOBALCONNECT would be 100 companies.

Source: GlobalConnect GPW

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