The aim of the Warsaw Economic Institute is analysing the aspects of the international role and understanding the implications of digital currencies, their potential benefits for the financial system.

Of particular importance are fintechs, bigtechs and their effects on the financial industry, potential effects of fintech on financial stability.

One of the research topics is alternative investment providing an opportunity to diversify portfolios, dampen the impact of market volatility and help achieve long-term investment objectives, even during of market uncertainty.

We study corporate finance as well as financial integration and hybrid instruments, including green financing sources. Given the key role of financial markets in economy, we research issues related to macro-financial linkages.

The institute’s research priorities in the area of FINANCIAL MARKETS in 2022 in particular are:

  • Financial innovation
  • Trends in global financial markets
  • Deregulation in the international financial markets
  • Hybrid financing
  • Alternative investment
  • Green financial instruments
  • Fintech sector
  • Digital finance
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Integration of the financial markets
  • Financial market supervision

Warsaw Economic Institute

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